The transactions page lists all of the project's transactions. The transactions page can be accessed by choosing the "Transactions" tab at the top of the dashboard or by choosing "View All Data Upload Transactions" in the first panel of the dashboard.

GDC Submission Transactions

The types of transactions are the following:

  • Upload: The user uploads data to the project workspace. Note that submittable data files uploaded using the GDC Data Transfer tool do not appear as transactions. Uploaded submittable can be viewed in the Browse tab.
  • Review: The user reviews the project before submitting data to the GDC.
  • Open: The user re-opens the project if it was under review. This allows the upload of new data to the project workspace.
  • Submit: The user submits uploaded data to the GDC. This triggers the data harmonization process.
  • Release: The user releases harmonized data to be available through the GDC Data Portal and other GDC data access tools.

Note: When submittable data files are uploaded through the Data Transfer Tool they are not displayed as transactions.

Transactions List View

The transactions list view displays the following information:

Column Description
ID Identifier of the transaction
Type Type of the transaction (see the list of transaction types in the previous section)
Step The step of the submission process that each file is currently in. This can be Validate or Commit. "Validate" represents files that have not yet been committed but have been submitted using the submission portal or the API .
DateTime Date and Time that the transaction was initiated
User The username of the submitter that performed the transaction
Status Indicates the status of the transaction: SUCCEEDED, PENDING, or FAILED
Commit/Discard Two buttons that appear when data has been uploaded using the API or the submission portal. This allows for validated data to be incorporated into the project or discarded.

Transaction Filters

Choosing the radio buttons at the top of the table allows the transactions to be filtered by those that are in progress, to be committed, succeeded, failed, or discarded. The drop-down menu also allows for the transactions to be filtered by type.

Transactions Details

Clicking on a transaction will open the details panel. Data in this panel is organized into multiple sections including actions, details, types, and documents as described below.

GDC Submission Transactions

Navigation between the sections can be performed by either scrolling down or by clicking on the section icon displayed on the left side of the details panel.


The Actions section allows a user to perform an action for transactions that provide actions. For example, if a user uploads read groups and file metadata, a corresponding manifest file will be available for download from the transaction. This manifest is used to upload the actual files through the GDC Data Transfer Tool.

GDC Submission Transactions Details Action


The Details section provides details about the transaction itself, such as its project, type, and number of affected cases.

GDC Submission Transactions Details


The Types section lists the type of files submitted and the number of affected cases and entities.

GDC Submission Transactions Types


The Documents section lists the files submitted during the transaction. The user can download the original files from the transaction, a report detailing the transaction, or the errors that originated from the transaction (if the transaction had failed).

GDC Submission Transactions Documents