System Information


The GDC API offers endpoints that provide information about the system. These endpoints are described below.

GDC Notifications Endpoint

The notifications endpoint provides current user-facing notifications.

GDC notifications have a corresponding level with the following meanings:

Level Meaning
INFO Non-essential information, e.g. regarding a new dataset
WARNING Important user information, e.g. regarding a dataset to be removed
ERROR Important system information, e.g. regarding a GDC component
DEBUG Unimportant system information, e.g. testing the notification system

Notifications will indicate the GDC components to which they apply:

Component Description
PORTAL The GDC Data Portal
SUBMISSION The GDC Data Submission Portal
DOCUMENTATION The GDC documentation site that contains GDC user guides, release notes, and the GDC Data Dictionary
WEBSITE The GDC project website that includes information about the system. This does not include any of the above-listed GDC components.

Sample Request

curl --request GET
  "data": [
      "level": "INFO",
      "components": [
      "message": "The system is up!"

API Status Endpoint

The status endpoint provides information about the current status and version of the GDC API.

Sample Request

import requests
import json

status_endpt = ''
response = requests.get(status_endpt)
print json.dumps(response.json(), indent=2)
  "commit": "74e1e3583c0f39fbf2149322addb7378206be3b9",
  "status": "OK",
  "tag": "1.2.0",
  "version": 1