GDC Data Dictionary


The GDC Data Dictionary defines components of the GDC Data Model and relationships between them.

Data Dictionary Viewer

The GDC Data Dictionary Viewer is a user-friendly interface for accessing the dictionary. It includes the following functionality:

  • Dictionary contents: Display of entities defined in the dictionary, including their descriptions, properties, and links.
  • Links to semantic resources: Links to semantic data resources that define Common Data Elements (CDEs) used in the dictionary
  • Submission templates: Generation JSON and TSV templates for use in GDC data submission.

GDC Metadata Validation Service

The MVS tool enables easier query of the GDC Data Dictionary for data submitters and recommends GDC properties and values based on user-supplied synonyms. Created by the NCI CBIIT EVS Team, it leverages NCI vocabulary systems caDSR and NCI Thesaurus. Below are some of the features included in the MVS tool:

  • Users can complete partial or exact match searches
  • Searches can include terms that are synonymous to the GDC allowable values
  • Users can compare their list of values to the GDC allowable values
  • Dictionary paths are described so users can find the specific node where a property is located

Entity JSON Schemas

In technical terms, the dictionary is a set of YAML files that define JSON schemas for each entity in the dictionary. The files are available on GitHub.

The GDC API can generate entity JSON schemas in JSON format. The API also provides the template generation functionality accessible via the GDC Data Dictionary Viewer. See API documentation for details on how to access these functions programmatically.