Data Submitter


A data submitter uploads approved data to the GDC for harmonization and public release.


Submission Project Approval

A prospective data submitter must first have their project approved by the GDC. Project approval is granted based on the context of the study, the number of samples in the study, and the available data types1. Project approval requests can be directed to GDC User Support2. Before data can be uploaded to the GDC, a project and all cases must first be registered in dbGaP. Individuals who wish to upload data for a particular project must be registered as a data submitter in dbGaP for that project.

Data Upload

Data upload must be performed based on the GDC Data Model3 and Data Dictionary4. For example, uploading a sample requires that an associated case is uploaded simultaneously or previously and that the required fields are present. A data submitter can upload data using the GDC API5 or GDC Data Submission Portal6. Once registered, data files must be uploaded to the GDC using the GDC Data Transfer Tool7.

Additional Data Submitter Roles

After all project data is uploaded and reviewed, the data submitter can release and/or submit the project. Releasing the project gives the GDC permission to distribute data to users. Submitting the project verifies that the data has been reviewed and is ready for harmonization.


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