Submit Your Workspace Data to the GDC


The GDC Data Submission process is detailed on the Data Submission Processes and Tools section of the GDC Website.

Review and Submit

When data is uploaded to the project workspace (see previous section: Upload Data) the submitter should review the data to ensure that it is ready for processing by the GDC Harmonization Process. Setting the project to the 'REVIEW' state will lock the project and prevent users from uploading additional data. During this period, the submitter can browse the data in the Submission Portal or download it.

If the project is ready for processing, the submitter will submit data to the GDC. If the project is not ready for processing, the project can be re-opened. Then the submitter will be able to upload more data to the project workspace.

The GDC requests that users submit their data to the GDC within six months from the first upload to the project workspace.


To review and submit data to the GDC, the user must have release privileges. The user will be able to view the section below on the dashboard. The "REVIEW" button is available only if the project is in "OPEN" state.

GDC Submission Review Tab

Reviewing the project will prevent other users from uploading data to the project. Once the review is complete, the user can submit data to the GDC.

Once the user clicks on "REVIEW", the project state will change to "REVIEW":

GDC Submission Review State

Submit to the GDC

The 'Request Submission' button is available only if the project is in "REVIEW" state. At this point, the user can decide whether to re-open the project to upload more data or to request submission of the data to the GDC. When the project is in "REVIEW" the following panel appears on the dashboard:

GDC Submission Submit Tab

Once the user submits data to the GDC, they cannot upload additional data until the harmonization process is complete.

GDC Submission Submission Tab

When the user clicks on the action 'Request Submission' on the dashboard, the following submission popup is displayed:

GDC Submission Submit Popup

After the user clicks on "Submit Validated Data to the GDC", the project state becomes "Submission Requested": GDC Submission Project State